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Seismic Damper Installation at the New Pacific Northwest Major League Baseball Park

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Welcome to Seattle, and our new Major League Baseball Stadium.

We're installing eight Taylor dampers, each rated at more than 1 million pounds of force.

The dampers are used for seismic protection of the roof during earthquakes up to a magnitude of 8.5 on the Richter scale.





Pacific Northwest Baseball Park

This is the stadium, with its 3-section retractable roof. The roof weighs 13,000 tons, and measures 165 feet in height, with an area of 300,000 square feet. This is a $500 million plus project, with Taylor dampers providing a net cost savings of $5 million.

Damper Testing




Here is Taylor Devices' large hydraulic test stand cycling the first damper at 1.1 million pounds of load. This is the world's largest tester of its type!









Below are four of the eight dampers ready to ship to the site. The dampers install between the roof and its support columns, and these four have a length of 24 feet, a stroke of plus or minus 15 inches, and weigh 4.5 tons each.

Dampers Ready for Shipment

Hoisting the Dampers Into Position



Here we are at the site, hoisting the dampers up. This damper is being moved into its attachment brackets. Installation is easy once the dampers are in position, using fitted pins provided by Taylor Devices. I'm sure glad I'm not afraid of heights!




Finished Installation


Here is the finished installation, with the city-scape in the background. What a view you get from up here!






Damper Under Roof


Here is the completed installation of one of the four lower dampers. These dampers are neatly tucked into the truss structure.With the dampers installed, it's time for me to get a hot dog and watch my team play ball in this wonderful, and safe, stadium. See you at the game!

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