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Shock Absorbers at Work

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This is a real big hot metal crane, using 4 pieces, 10 x 16 Taylor Buffers to crash protect the 1.4 million lb. crane bridge.



Here is a lonely 7 x 36 OB, 200 kip output, 36 inch stroke. This buffer stops a 200 ton car at 6 mph. Environment includes heat, steam and acid.



Look at this coke machine (steel mill coke of course!), 400k weight, 4 mph. You can just make out the strikers on two 7 x 7 Taylor Buffers which stop the machine at its end of travel.



This shock absorber is not at work yet, but soon after this picture it was installed underground for the U.S. Military. How's about a 100 kip output and 17 foot stroke!


How do you put a 4.2 inch mortar into a light armored vehicle? It's easy and safe with this custom Taylor recoil buffer at the bottom of the mortar tube.



Here's a hi-tech ring laser gyro navigator, for the U.S. and NATO Navy ships and other things. Shock protection and alignment to .001 degrees in all axes, with six Taylor Precise Positioning Isolators.




Ah...., a hot day at Cape Kennedy for these fire roasted Taylor Dampers. When not being cooked, they provide wind damping between missile and launch gantry.


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