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Taylor Devices’ facilities and Business Management Systems (BMS) are registered to the current versions of ISO 9001, and AS9100, as audited and certified by NSF International Strategic Registrations in accordance with AS9104:2005. Management’s commitment to our Business Management System is strong and clear, employees are customer focused, and the program is both suitable and effective. Recently, Taylor Devices has elected to become registered to the current version of Environmental Management Standard ISO 14001, also audited and certified by NSF International Strategic Registrations. In addition, the company is also certified to NASA Quality Standard NHB-5300.4 (1C) for spacecraft and satellite applications and the latest version of  European Standard EN15129 for Anti-Seismic devices.

At Taylor Devices, our experienced work force and wide range of capabilities combine to create successfully engineered solutions for our customers on a continuous basis.

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