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Includes all the features of the M-SERIES standard Fluidicshok®, plus the following heavy duty equipment:

  1. Piston rod is totally enclosed and protected by a steel guide sleeve. This allows operation in adverse environments or where sideload or bending loads are imposed on the shock. Guide sleeve is corrosion protected steel.
  2. Choice of internal coil spring reset or our exclusive high force liquid spring reset. The liquid spring reset allows firm but gentle reset in outdoor environments subject to ice buildup. In addition, the liquid spring reset is ideal for applications where drive forces must be counter-balanced without "bottoming out" the absorber.
  3. No external bottoming stops required.
  4. Optional operating temperature range -70 degrees F to +300 degrees F.
  5. Optional velocity range of 10 in/sec. to 400 in/sec.


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