Fluidshoks & Shock Absorbers

M-Series Standard FLUIDICSHOK® Features



  1. The most compact and light weight shock available anywhere for applications as demanding as aerospace, at competitive commercial prices. Available in four sizes, 170 in-lbs. to 5,600 in-lbs. capacity. Velocity ranges of 10 to 150 in/sec.
  2. Super efficient, having the highest energy capacity for weight, size, and output force of any shock anywhere.
  3. Computer designed fluidic metering attenuates kinetic energy and drive inputs smoothly without harsh bottoming, spikes and peaks. Output is a highly efficient square wave that automatically compensates for temperature changes.
  4. Corrosion resistant construction, with bronze striker cap, all other external parts are through hardened stainless steel. Stainless steel piston rod is Teflon impregnated.
  5. Leakless seals of non-time dated material assure minimum contamination problems and long life.
  6. Internal coil spring reset.
  7. Non-toxic, non-flammable Tayco Piezoil fluid yields excellent thermal stability over a wide temperature range of -40 degrees F to +160 degrees F.
  8. Threaded stud for convenient mounting.

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