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Seismic Design with Fluid Dampers in a Steel Frame Building

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Gregg Haskell




I'm Gregg Haskell, S.E. of Knights Ferry, California.

These 30,000 lb. Taylor Fluid Dampers are used to dissipate seismic energy in a steel frame building.




Steel Frame Building







This is the building, ready for the dampers to be installed. Total floor space is 300,000 square feet.

Chevron Brace



I designed an inverted chevron brace with a sliding box section. The dampers mount with one end on the sliding box, with the opposite end mounted to a welded down ground connection, called a deadman.




Chevron Brace




This is a finished damper installation, which the owner chose to leave exposed for occupants and visitors to see. A total of 62 Taylor Fluid Dampers were used for this project.






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