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Seismic Testing of Full Scale Fluid Viscous Dampers

Reduction of Shock Response Spectra Using Various Types of Shock Isolation Mountings

History,Design, and Applications of Fluid Dampers in Structural Engineering

U.S. Design of Structures with Damping Systems

Damper Retrofit of the London Millennium Footbridge -- A Case Study in Biodynamic Design

Modular Tuned Mass Damper Units for the Spring Mountain Road Pedestrian Bridges

Structural Control using Hybrid Spring-Damper Isolator with Integral Gapping Function.

Structural Performance Enhancement with Integral Spring -Damper Elements- Four Case Studies

Using Modern Technology for the Prevention of Earthquake Damage in Buildings and Bridges

A Study in the Long-Term Performance of Specialized Low Friction Hermetically Sealed Fluid Viscous Dampers under Nearly Continuous Operation on a Pedestrian Bridge

Critical Damping
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